Why Master Stress?
US employers rank stress as the top workforce risk issue.*


Stress is costing US employers billions every year. While most employers have implemented employee assist programs and other measures to combat stress, the biggest complaints still are:

  • There is a GAP between effectiveness of existing solutions vs the magnitude of the problem.
  • There is a disconnect between employers and employees as to the cause of workplace stress.
  • Employees are reluctant to use the resources provided.

Its not so much the stress but the impact it has on performance that causes billions to be flushed down the drain each year. What if millions could be saved?

Are Your Resources Maximized or Maxed Out?

Annita has designed a unique program called The “A Game” Experience, that

  • Educates on stress and understanding its effects
  • Allows easy access to all employees
  • Supports connection between employers and employees.
  • Easy to implement & powerfully effective.

*Recent survey by the National Business Group on Health, (