What Really Matters

Identify your unique Stress Profile & learn to work it in your favor.


1ANNITAfin-8870Operating at Peak Performance requires a balance of emotion and mindset in high pressure environments.Learning how to keep your focus task centered with respect to your health is an advanced emotional intelligence technique that allows you to play our “A Game” under pressure. I am committed to helping employees/executives improve wellbeing, performance, increasing productivity and company bottom line by reducing the costs resulting from stress.

Author: ‘How Do I Know? Your Guide to Decision-Making Mastery    

Would you like a stress free future?

canvas2Wouldn’t we all? Stress is a natural process and managing it is an inside out game. While we cannot control our external pressures, we can learn how to manage our responses to those pressures. And it is easier than you think. Annita teaches practical techniques that help you manage stress in the moment & helps you develop a sustainable practice that supports you inside and outside work.


Annita started her career as a Biomedical Scientist and spent almost 18 years working and studying in the healthcare field in Ireland and England. In 2007, Annita established a practice teaching busy people how to de-stress an reestablish their work life balance.

Over the years she has developed her practice and her training to include Energy medicine, Professional Psychotherapy, accupressure techniques, and Big Leap (conscious) coaching. Her broad experience is what sets Annita apart from her colleagues, allowing her to design holistic solutions for ‘wholistic’ problems.

In 2010 Annita moved to the USA, where she has combined her training experience to provide a holistic approach to stress management that focuses on developing your inner game to achieve Peak Performance without compromising your health and wellness.