Global Company Stress Management Program

We had tried many different strategies to address stress in the company, to no avail. Annita trained Senior Management in Stress Management and designed a program that was rolled out Globally. Over 25% volunteered to participate in the program and over 90% participated to completion. The program was translated into 7 different languages and distributed to 16 countries.

Multinational, Cleveland, Ohio


I Aced my Interview

I was struggling with my job search and I couldn’t figure out why. I did everything I was supposed to, the resume, follow up etc. I got few replies, in fact most companies didn’t bother to reply. I contacted Annita to see if she could help. Within a short period of time, I learnt to play my A Game in the interview process. She taught me the inner game that allowed me to Ace the interview. I was delighted with the results. Within a month , I had the position I wanted and  increased my salary.

M.K. Director , Multinational , Cleveland, Ohio.


Job Change

I had a great job and, due to a conflict with my boss, I ended up leaving. I was so disappointed. While I got a great new job, I found I was more stressed than normal as I was afraid I would have the same trouble with my new boss. Annita helped me manage my stress and rebalance my perspective. In a short time I my approach changed dramatically. Instead of being nervous going to work , I looked forward to it. I started to see how much I could contribute and my confidence grew again. I was back to myself.

N.M. C.F.O.  Corporate, Europe.


Successfully Promoted

I always found it difficult to ask for help. I thought it meant I was lacking in some way, and should be able to do it for myself. When I was passed over for a promotion in work, again!, I decided to accept Annita’s offer of a breakthrough session. I started coaching and quickly realized how I was blocking myself (without meaning to). I never thought that learning to manage my stress would make such a difference. I quickly stood out from my peers and when another officer left, I won the promotion. It happened within 6 months.

D.R. Multinational, California.