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“…….if you want to take charge of your decision making and get what you want out of life, this is the book for you.”
Tara Kachaturoff, Producer, Host Michigan Entrepreneur TV (Amazon Review)

Do you struggle with decisions? Wrestle with the desire to move forward and at the same time fear making a change? You are not alone!!!

Over time we have learned to override our inner messages allowing worry or doubt to takeover. In her new transformational book,‘How Do I Know? Your Guide To Decision-Making Mastery’, Annita shares the secrets of how to reconnect with your inner wisdom/gut instinct and make decisions that work for YOU.

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“....Readers will also gain insights as to why poor decisions happen and how to avoid the pitfalls that arise when under pressure……”
Betsy Muller, Energy Coach, Certified Practitioner of EFT (Amazon Review)

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About the Author: Annita Keane moved to the USA, from Ireland, 5 years ago and lives near Cleveland Ohio with her husband and 2 kids. Annita is an expert in stress management. She frequently helps business executives play their ‘A’ Game under Pressure by teaching them how to manage stress and make smart decisions. Annita helped thousands manage their stress in high-pressure environments. Her work has been distributed in sixteen different countries and translated into seven different languages.

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Enjoy these reviews of the book.

... I read this with some initial suspicion that it would be the usual theory of decision making. I was at first surprised and then excited to find that the author had something new to say and in a language and personality that is very appealing. Mary Maynard. Medical Intuitive. (Amazon Review)

- Mary Maynard

Read this before your next important decision! Annita Keane is a coach who understands the needs of busy professionals and provides solid, step by step advice for honoring the wisdom that already lives inside each person. You will learn to tune in to your body for guidance as you make solid decisions. Readers will also gain insights as to why poor decisions happen and how to avoid the pitfalls that arise when under pressure.

- Betsy Muller
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"Insider Secrets Busy Professionals Use to get great results when under pressure." Find out why it is so important to know how stress affects your decision skills, especially when you are under pressure.

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