"The Decisions You Make Today Shape Your Tomorrows….Make Them Work!!"

“…….if you want to take charge of your decision making and get what you want out of life, this is the book for you.”
Tara Kachaturoff (Amazon Review)

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Now that you’ve made that first great decision (to buy this life-changing book), you have more decisions to make! Take your time to review all the free gifts below. They are being made available to you by my gifted colleagues and friends; outstanding leaders in their fields of health, business, finance, transformational wisdom and personal growth.

These gifts are designed to provide balance in many aspects of your life, supporting your
decisions to create the results YOU want…

Our gifts to you:

FREE 4-week Q & A Decision Making Mastery Teleclass

This 4-week live series will offer you the opportunity to integrate a variety of the tools and techniques offered in the book as well as ask Annita any questions you have about this connected decision making process. The course starts: Thursday May 7th at 8pm ET.

Audio Recordings will be available for all enrolled through this special offer. Details and schedule provided on enrollment.

Enroll Today!

Enroll Today!

FREE 4-week Q & A Decision Making Mastery Teleclass

My 5 Best Templates

Amy Crane helps small businesses and entrepreneurs make sense of the constantly changing rules, buzz words, and hype around Facebook Advertising and Online Marketing. After testing hundreds of ads, she's pulled together a Facebook Ads Swipe File - 5 Best Templates to share with you. Amy breaks down why each ad works and when to use it.

Remote Healing Prayer

Annette Hemminger is a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist in Ohio as well as a certified Energy Medicine practitioner. Her free gift is a remote Healing Prayer with instructions. This remote healing prayer is available until May 1st, 2015. It was uploaded utilizing three different Reiki frequencies and an eclectic mix of other Healing Energy attunements including Lightworker's Energy Method and Munay Ki. All you need to do to access this specially attuned energy is to follow the instructions – it’s a powerful healing tool!

Your free gift from Dr. Stone:
36 minute Chakra Balance Meditation

This 36 minute chakra attunement, geared for women, attunes each of the chakras from the base of the spine up to the top of the head. Since the bones of the spine resonate to different frequencies of sound, Dr. Stone composed a piece of music for each chakra: key of C for the root, D for the sacral, etc. The meditation calls in the colors corresponding to each chakra, so the meditation goes up the spine, up the rainbow from infra-red to ultra-violet, and up the scale! Solo acoustic piano music and vocals composed and performed by Barbara Stone, Ph.D.

Top 10 Marketing Tips for Authentic Holistic Entrepreneurs:

Has marketing, social media and networking for your business cause you any discomfort? Does the time, money and effort you put into marketing result in a positive return on investment? Allow me to help you. As business owner and holistic practitioner with an MBA and decades of business experience, I enjoy sharing what I know so that you can be successful at spreading the news about what you do. This report gives you ideas you can implement immediately to give your business a jump start while building wider influence in your marketplace.

Magnificent Dream Coaching Session

Christina Evans of Magnificent Wellness works with individuals who are going through a transition. Her gift to you is one Free Magnificent Dream Coaching Session. In addition, she is providing a 50% off coupon for her 8-week Creative Insight Journey Online Course based on the Stanford Graduate School of Business Creativity Course. The class is a transformational course changing your awareness, creative thinking and leadership skills.

Get Organized, Get Noticed, and Get Successful!

As an expert Holistic Business Development Consultant, Holly Matson is also an expert project manager. Her gift is a Project Management how-to video to help you create success in any project, and a done-for-you, tried-and-true project worksheet that will allow you to get organized, get noticed, and get successful with your marketing efforts!

How to Eliminate Distractions and
Focus on What Matters in 3 Simple Steps

How often do you feel as if you are chasing the next shiny object? Or, you are “busy, busy, busy” all day long - and still haven’t crossed one task off your “to-do” list? Email, kids, phone calls, all pulling at your attention?

I am Lisa Crilley Mallis, your time strategy visionary, and I’ve helped countless direct sales professionals focus on their most important tasks without feeling overwhelmed and out-of-control. Download this FREE AUDIO, “How to Eliminate Distractions and Focus on What Matters in 3 Simple Steps" to start taking control of your day - 7 minutes of insightful, practical, and applicable techniques! You’ll also get a complimentary 30-minute discovery session with me!

Medical Intuitive Session

Mary Maynard is a medical intuitive, deeply connected to western medicine, offering a wide range of hands on healing services: cranial sacral, lymphatic drainage, polarity therapy, Shamanic Reiki and Chinese Energetic medicine. Your gift from Mary is a free 30 minute Medical Intuitive session focused on any question of your choice. Valued at $65.00! Email Mary at to schedule your session.

FREE: Email Mary at to schedule your 30 minute Medical Intuitive session.

Free Reports

Some of life’s biggest anxieties come from decisions we make that aren’t in alignment with our values and priorities. As a holistic financial advisor and creator of The Authentic Money RoadMap, Nancy Coveleskie will guide you through the process of exploring and discovering the values that make you tick, then show you a way of filtering your financial decisions based on these. Nancy’s gift to you is two special reports that allow you to do just that: "The Sweet Spot in Your Decision Making" and "Stack the Deck."

Nancy's FREE Reports

Genius Xpat is the place to be to create the life that you want

Genius Xpat helps expat spouses to easily manage change and transition when you move to a new country. We lead and support you in discovering your life calling so you could spend your time in a new place in the most productive and meaningful way. We introduce you to the best technology tools to assist you in finding a job, expressing your creativity, staying organized and connected.

5-Minute Angel Reading

Roseann Heinrich is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, having studied under the master teachers Christina Lunden and Doreen Virtue. Roseann's gift to you is a five-minute, one question angel reading regarding relationship, business, health or any other subject weighing on your heart. Request your reading by calling (440) 888-2803 between 1:00pm and 7:00pm (EST), or email Roseann will contact you to schedule your reading.

FREE: Gift Request by Phone (440) 888-2803 between 1:00pm and 7:00pm (EST),
or Email

5 steps to unlocking the meaning, message, and mission hidden in your own stories

Sandra Millers Younger is the founder and chief story strategist at Strategic Story Solutions. Please enjoy this special 17-minute audio, "Story Secrets! 5 Steps to Crystallize Your Purpose and Revolutionize Your Business with the Power of Your Own Stories." This is for you if you're ready to discover the meaning, message and mission hiding in your life stories. In it, I'll tell you my signature story. (It's a heart-stopper recently featured on NBC's Dateline.) And then I'll give you the 5 steps to unlocking the meaning, message, and mission hidden in your own stories.

Co-Creator’s Success Kit

Free Gift: Co-Creator’s Success Kit
Includes everything you need to learn the basics of a technique called EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, a/k/a Tapping. This technique may look strange the first time you see it, but it has assisted me (and many other business owners) in achieving new levels of peace, focus and success.
Our Co-Creator’s Success Kit includes the following:
• Basics of Simple Tapping (PDF Document)
• Intro to Tapping Demonstration (Video)
• “Let Your Light Shine” Tapping Sequence (MP3 Audio)

Give it a shot, what do you really have to lose!

5 Article Templates

Do you want to write more content - faster, easier and with less effort? With these 5 simple article templates, there's less decision-making and more productivity. Pick a topic and plug it in to create targeted, focused content your readers will love!