How Do I Know?

by Annita Keane

A Joint Venture Opportunity

Annita Keane, author of ‘How Do I Know?’ Your Guide to Decision Making Mastery, is an expert in stress management. She has helped thousands manage their stress in high-pressure environments. Her work has been distributed in sixteen different countries and translated into seven different languages.

The intention of her book is to support as many people as possible to see through why they make the decisions that are keeping them ‘stuck’ and provide them with a roadmap to help them make connected confident decisions to get where they want to be.

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Enjoy these reviews of the book.
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... serves to assist the reader in providing a framework to explain not only how they make their decisions but also why they react in a certain way to certain circumstances.

It provides a very holistic approach to decision making, linking as it does the mind, body and spirit in the process.

- Ian Murphy

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Annita Keane is a coach who understands the needs of busy professionals and provides solid, step by step advice for honoring the wisdom that already lives inside each person.

You will learn to tune in to your body for guidance as you make solid decisions. Readers will also gain insights as to why poor decisions happen and how to avoid the pitfalls that arise when under pressure.

- Betsy Muller

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