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Peak Performance through Stress Management

Company Service

The Keane Method L.L.C. provides education and ongoing coaching support that helps Companies and Executives maximize performance by helping with Stress Management, Change Management & Talent/Team Development. See below for a list of options, from which, a program can be designed to suit your needs.

  • Company Stress Management Program.
  • Key Talent Motivation Program.
  • Communication & Team Development Program.
  • Executive VIP Program.
  • Peak Performance Strategy Planning.
  • Change Management Strategy.
  • Ongoing Support.

Executive Services

Bring your life and work to the next level and restore your work:life balance to realize your potential. The following programs apply to you.

  • Breakthrough session.
  • Mentoring Programs
  • VIP Breakthrough Day
  • Transition Coaching
  • Peak Performance Strategy Planning.


Annita is available for motivational Speaking engagements on a variety of subjects. The application of Effective Stress Management training on Performance in

  • The workplace
  • Communication & Team Building
  • Health and wellness
  • Work life balance
  • Smart Decision making.